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Apache Cassandra: Invent The Future

 Author: ERNESTO LEE  Country: USA  Language: English

A practical hands-on Big Data Science book written by best-selling author, Professor Ernesto Lee. This book explores such profound questions as: How do I get started with Apache Cassandra? What are the use cases that apply to Cassandra? What is the architecture – and in particular, what makes Cassandra special? What is Cassandra Query Language – and how can I quickly become efficient with it to query Cassandra?

Told in language we all can understand, Apache Cassandra: Invent the Future by Professor Lee plunges into the exotic realms of big data and takes the reader on a journey with the intent and purpose of having them competent. This is an introduction to Cassandra that will have you install, configure, add data, and query Apache Cassandra. Look for advanced Cassandra – coming soon! With exciting labs and profound imagination, Professor Lee brings us closer to the ultimate secrets at the very heart of Apache Cassandra.

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