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 Author: ERNESTO LEE  Country: USA  Language: English

Learn how to leverage the power of Apache Spark to perform data processing tasks on very large data sets or distribute data processing functions across different computers but have no clue how to use it well because you don’t even understand what Apache Spark is all about?

And do you want to quickly learn the art of writing efficient big data applications with Apache Spark and are looking for a guide that will take away the guesswork on how you can program with Scala, fully aware of its inner workings?

If you’ve answered YES, this book may be for you…

Let This Book Introduce You To The Inner Workings Of Apache Spark And Its Place In Big Data, Including Spark Configuration And Optimization, Spark SQL, Resilient Distributed Datasets And The Ins And Outs Of Programming With Scala!

With its ability to perform fast, in-memory cluster computing, Apache Spark is emerging as a favorite technology for analytics on large datasets.

What’s more; its ability to process and store large data makes Spark efficient and flexible.

The fact that you’re here means you have heard of Apache Spark but you are probably wondering…

What is Apache spark and why specifically Spark?

What does Apache Spark do that is so exceptional?

How can Apache Spark be used alongside Hadoop?

Is there a module to implement SQL in spark?

What is Scala?

How do we create RDDs in spark?

If you have these and other related questions, then this corporate IT training courseware is for you.

In it, you will discover:

  • A bird’s eye view of big data, including the place of hadoop in big data and some basics about hadoop distributed file system
  • The basics of Apache Spark, including what it is, why you should use it, the different components of Spark, its data structure and the different versions
  • The ins and outs of Scala programming, including what is Scala, why you should use it, types of Scala data types, functions in Scala, collections, coding and more
  • Exercises to test your understanding of each part of the book so you can start putting everything you learn into action
  • What is spark, Hadoop and how to process data using Map Reduce
  • How to download and install JDK, and Spark, including basic operations like functions, collections, loops and more
  • How to make the most use of Spark, including installing Spark on multi-node cluster, creating RDDs from Spark shell, basic RDD operations, and more
  • The inner workings of Spark, including the characteristics of RDD, and how to build a Spark program that works
  • The ins and outs of RDD key value pairs and caching, including exercises to help you perfect it
  • The place of shared variables in Spark
  • The inner workings of Spark SQL
  • The ins and outs of data sets and functions (including user-defined functions) in Spark
  • How to master Spark customizations and configurations
  • And so much more!

By reading this book you’ll get up to speed on how to use Apache spark for data exploration. So even if you are a complete beginner to Apache Spark, this this corporate IT training courseware will leave no stone unturned in ensuring you have a deep understanding of how to use it. What’s more – there are exercises, images and other supporting material to ensure your learning process is seamless!

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