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Ernesto.Net Master Series Bootcamps

1. Data Analytics Bootcamp

2. Data Science Bootcamp

3. Big Data Bootcamp

Our Bootcamp Process

Step 1

Choose and enroll in your bootcamp

Our Data Analytics Bootcamp, Data Science Bootcamp and Big Data Bootcamp are offered every quarter to ensure you are able to fit in your education with your lifestyle. You can enroll in your course a few weeks before the start date, with a waitlist available to send you a reminder when the bootcamps open. To enroll, you will be required to complete an application and a brief assessment, after which you will be notified of your acceptance.

Step 2

Assigned your expert

With the information from your assessment and details on your schedule and desired learning, our algorithm will create a personalized learning path to ensure your learning is as efficient and beneficial as possible. You will also be assigned your expert to assist you throughout your experience with Ernesto.Net.

Step 3

Courses developed by experts

We are proud of our up-to-the-minute and industry leading courses developed and delivered by industry experts with diverse backgrounds and practical experience. We utilize artificial intelligence to generate your personalized learning path so you can bypass scrap learning and are provided with the most efficient pathway to skills that are in-demand.

Step 4

Practical application

We believe the best way to learn is through practical application. We administer assessments so you can apply your learned knowledge to real-world scenarios, problems and projects which are then reviewed by experts, so you receive valuable feedback.

Step 5

Expert evaluation

Our goal is to have you job ready, and that’s why we review your progress and provide you with expert evaluations on a bi-weekly basis. This will support your career progress and development, job readiness and search, as well as interview confidence.

Step 6


We are invested in your learning and development. To ensure you are achieving your learning goals and are continuously growing, your expert will conduct weekly reviews with you.

Step 7

Build a portfolio

Your final project of the course is designed to be the bedrock of your portfolio to showcase your skills and knowledge to your potential employers. The expert that you will work with throughout the course will help you refine the project for the best outcome.

Step 8

Bootcamp completion

Upon completing the bootcamp, you will receive a certificate which you can attach to your resume and include on your LinkedIn profile.

Step 9

Career progress

If you are entering the workforce, our career consultants will assist you with building your networks and meeting with potential employers. If you already work in the industry, we can assist you to evaluate new opportunities.

Ernesto.Net Master Series Bootcamps | Best Data Science Bootcamp

Benefits of our Bootcamps

Your Learning Path

Are you deciding whether our Data Analytics Bootcamp, Data Science Bootcamp and Big Data Bootcamp are suitable for you? Here’s more insight into the courses.

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Ernesto.Net Master Series Bootcamps | Best Data Science & Analytics Bootcamp

Practical Application

Ernesto.Net Experts

Ernesto.Net Data Science Bootcamp | Best Data Science Training Program
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