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BRICS-Eurasian Credit Markets: Problems and Prospects

Authors: Irina Yarygina, Inna Lukashenko, Ernesto Lee, Patrick Washington, Roman Tsarev
Publication date: 2021/10/1
Conference: Proceedings of the Computational Methods in Systems and Software
Pages: 296-318
Publisher: Springer, Cham


Strengthening financial cooperation between BRICS-Eurasian member countries is the best solution to mitigate trade wars, unfair competition, and worsening of international economic relations. In this paper, we analyze and determine cooperation between BRICS and Eurasian union (EAEU) credit markets, taking into consideration their reasonable interaction. The aim of the article is to introduce recommendations aimed at optimizing the financial cooperation of developing countries as members of the intergovernmental alliances. The existing data is processed using a combination of Bloomberg and Excel tools. Testing of initial hypothesis proved interdependence of credit markets. It is mostly developed and presented in data. The analysis of the research concludes the main industries financed by governments or institutional investors vary depending on the strategic orientation of each country’s economy. For example …


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I Yarygina, I Lukashenko, E Lee, P Washington… – Proceedings of the Computational Methods in Systems …, 2021
January 5, 2022
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