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This course is about to learn the importance of assertive behaviour and develop and demonstrate the skills acquired during the module for being completely assertive in both personal and professional circumstances.

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July 29, 2021

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One of the basic psychological needs of an individual is to communicate. Human beings communicate constantly and continuously through their actions and words. Hence, the ability to communicate effectively becomes one of the most vital skills any individual can possess. However, communication does not imply only expression through different media. It implicitly means meaningful expression in a way that it enables the listeners to gather an understanding of the speaker’s needs, wants and desires. All this in their aggregation comprise what we call as- Effective Communication. An effective communicator has to be assertive and should be able to state his /her own belief, needs, wants and desires distinctly. The aim is to create a conducive environment for oneself while also ensuring that no other individual is hurt in any manner. By the end of this course, the participants would be able to: • Explain the elementary features of communication. • Identify the various categories of communication. • Identify diverse types of communication. • Explicitly explain ‘assertiveness’. • Determine their own assertiveness profile. • Explicate the merits of assertive communication. • Find out tips and techniques to develop assertive demeanor. • Showcase the skills, attitudes and conduct for demonstrating assertive behaviour  

Course Curriculum

          • Importance of non-verbal communication 00:00:00
          • Channels of Non – Verbal Communication 00:00:00
          • Facial expressions 00:00:00
          • Verbal Paralanguage 00:00:00
          • Exercise 00:00:00
          • Kinesics 00:00:00
          • Proxemics 00:00:00
          • Traits of a non-assertive person 00:00:00
            • The assertiveness matrix 00:00:00
            • Passive behaviour – Summary 00:00:00
            • Aggressive Behaviour- Summary 00:00:00
            • Receptive Behaviour – Summary 00:00:00
            • Assertive Behaviour – Summary 00:00:00

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