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Do you want to transform data into captivating data stories that compel your audience to ask questions? Do you want to make it easy for your audience to process and understand the patterns, trends, and relationships hidden within your data?

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October 25, 2021

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This Data Visualization class will walk you through the world of visualizations with data and help you discover knowledge and wisdom hidden in data so you can transform data into meaningful visuals with the help of exciting exercises and activities.

Starting with an introduction to data visualization, this course shows you how to first prepare raw data for visualizations. As you progress, you’ll use plotting techniques, such as comparison and distribution, to identify relationships and similarities between datasets. You’ll then work through practical exercises to simplify the process of creating visualizations using a variety of tools. If you’ve ever wondered how popular companies like Carnival Cruise Lines and JM Lexus use raw data and convert them into visualizations, this course has got you covered, helping you analyze and understand the process effectively. 

By the end of this class, you’ll have learned how to present engaging mission-critical insights by creating impactful visualizations with real-world data.

Course Curriculum

    • How to LEARN in my class (Enjoyment Transfer) Unlimited
    • On Knowledge Unlimited
    • How to be an AMAZING Analyst Unlimited
    • How to be a TERRIBLE Analyst Unlimited
    • Data Analytics in Action Unlimited
    • Introduction to Data Analytics Unlimited
    • Introduction to Data Analytics Part 2 Unlimited
    • Introduction to Data Analytics Part 3 Unlimited
    • Introduction to Data Analytics Part 4 Unlimited
    • Introduction to Data Analytics Part 5 Unlimited
    • Example Analysis of Credit Card Data Unlimited
    • Data Types Unlimited
    • Data Types 2 Unlimited
    • Data Types 3 Unlimited
    • Data Types 4 Unlimited
    • Data Types 5 Unlimited
    • Data Types 6 Unlimited
    • Data Types 7 Unlimited
    • Data Types 8 Unlimited
    • Data Types 9 Unlimited
    • Data Types 10 Unlimited
    • Chart Chooser Unlimited
    • Data Analytics Process Unlimited
    • Data Wrangling Process Unlimited
    • The Analytics Pyramid Unlimited
    • Univariate Analysis Unlimited
    • Bivariate Analysis in Excel Unlimited
    • Feature Engineering with Tableau Unlimited
    • Data Dictionary Unlimited
    • Predicting Human Behavior Unlimited
    • Predicting Human Behavior Part 2 Unlimited
    • Excel Basics Unlimited
    • Data Ethics Unlimited
    • Measures of Central Tendency (Mean/Median/Mode) Unlimited
    • Measure of Central Dispersion (Standard Deviation, Variance, Skew) Unlimited
    • Measures of Relative Position (Percentiles) Unlimited
    • The Normal Curve (Guassian) Unlimited
    • Charts Overview in Excel Unlimited
    • Histograms Unlimited
    • Linearity Unlimited
    • Pivot Tables Unlimited
    • Pearson Correlation Unlimited
    • Spearman Correlation Unlimited

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