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This course focuses on programming rather than the configuration management of Kafka clusters or DevOps. It starts off with the installation and setting up the development environment, before quickly moving on to performing fundamental messaging operations such as validation and enrichment.

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August 31, 2021

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Working in a hands-on environment, you will explore message composition with pure Kafka API and Kafka Streams as well as the transformation of messages in different formats, such as text, binary, XML, JSON, and AVRO. Next, you will learn how to expose the schemas contained in Kafka with the Schema Registry. You will then learn how to work with all relevant connectors with Kafka Connect.

Working in a hands-on learning environment, students will explore

· Solve practical large data and processing challenges with Kafka

· Tackle data processing challenges like late events, windowing, and watermarking

· Understand real-time streaming applications processing using Schema registry, Kafka connect, Kafka streams, and KSQL

· How to validate data with Kafka

· Add information to existing data flows

· Generate new information through message composition

· How to perform message Serialization and Deserialization

Course Curriculum

      • Lab 2 Unlimited
      • Lab 5.2 Unlimited
      • Lab 5.3 Unlimited
      • Lab 5.4 Unlimited
      • Lab 5.5 Unlimited
      • Lab 5.6 Unlimited
      • Lab 5.7 Unlimited
      • Lab 5.8 Unlimited
        • Lab 3 Unlimited
        • Lab 6.1 Unlimited
        • Lab 6.2 Unlimited
        • Lab 6.3 Unlimited
        • Lab 6.4 Unlimited
        • Lab 6.5 Unlimited
        • Lab 6.6 Unlimited
        • Lab 6.7 Unlimited
        • Lab Protobuf Unlimited
        • LAB STREAM 1 Unlimited
        • LAB STREAM 1 Unlimited
        • LAB KSQLDB QUICKSTART Unlimited

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