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In this lab intensive four-day course, students will learn how to use Kafka to build streaming solutions. This is an intermediate-level, skills-based hands-on training course requires intermediate level developer skills and knowledge. Attending students should be experienced developers who have current experience working with Java in a practical programming environment. Experience with messaging systems or streaming is also helpful.

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4 weeks, 2 days

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October 12, 2021

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  Apache Kafka is a real-time data pipeline processor. It high-scalability, fault tolerance, execution speed, and fluid integrations are some of the key hallmarks that make it an integral part of many Enterprise Data architectures. The Apache Kafka distributed streaming platform is one of the most powerful and widely used reliable streaming platforms. Kafka is a fault-tolerant, highly scalable and used for log aggregation, stream processing, event sources, and commit logs. Kafka is used by J.B. Hunt, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Twitter, Square, Uber, Box, PayPal, Etsy, and more to enable stream processing, online messaging, facilitate in-memory computing by providing a distributed commit log, data collection for big data and so much more.   This course focuses on programming rather than the configuration management of Kafka clusters or DevOps. It starts off with the installation and setting up the development environment, before quickly moving on to performing fundamental messaging operations such as validation and enrichment. Working in a hands-on environment, you will explore message composition with pure Kafka API and Kafka Streams as well as the transformation of messages in different formats, such as text, binary, XML, JSON, and AVRO. Next, you will learn how to expose the schemas contained in Kafka with the Schema Registry. You will then learn how to work with all relevant connectors with Kafka Connect.  


  Throughout the course, students will be led through a series of progressively advanced topics, where each topic consists of lecture, group discussion, comprehensive hands-on lab exercises, and lab review.   Working in a hands-on learning environment, students will explore
  • · Solve practical large data and processing challenges with Kafka
  • · Tackle data processing challenges like late events, windowing, and watermarking
  • · Understand real-time streaming applications processing using Schema Registry, Kafka connect, Kafka streams, and KSQL
  • · How to validate data with Kafka
  • · Add information to existing data flows
  • · Generate new information through message composition
  • · How to perform message Serialization and Deserialization

Audience & Pre-Requisites

  This is an intermediate-level,skills-based hands-on training course that requires intermediate-level developer skills and knowledge. Attendees should be experienced developers who are comfortable with Java and have reasonable experience working with databases. Students should also be able to navigate the Linux command line, and have basic knowledge of Linux editors (such as VI / nano) for editing code. Experience with messaging systems or streaming is also helpful.   Take Before: Students should have attended the course(s) below, or should have basic skills in these areas: Core Java Programming Fundamentals. Please note that students without Java background may complete the labs and cut and paste or follow along as needed with the trainer. We do not cover basic Java programming in the course.

Course Curriculum

    • Big Data Movement Unlimited
    • Map Reduce Unlimited
    • Stream Processing Unlimited
    • Getting Started with Kafka Quiz 00:05:00
    • Getting Started with Kafka Lab 1 week, 3 days
    • Kafka Introduction Unlimited
    • What is Kafka Unlimited
    • Kafka Architecture Overview Unlimited
    • Kafka Versus Unlimited
    • Topic Architecture Unlimited
    • Lab 1: Getting started with Kafka Lab Unlimited
    • Lab 1 solution Unlimited
    • Lab 1.2: Getting started with Kafka cluster Unlimited
    • Lab 1.2 Solution Unlimited
    • Naming Standards Unlimited
    • Other Standards Unlimited
    • Download standards Unlimited
    • Kafka Ecosystem Unlimited
    • Low Level Architecture Unlimited
    • Log Compaction Unlimited
    • Producer Programming Unlimited
    • Lab 2: Kafka Producer Basics Unlimited
    • Lab 2 Solution Unlimited
    • Lab 5.1: Creating Advanced Kafka Producers in Java Unlimited
    • Lab 5.1 Solution Unlimited
    • Lab 5.2: Adding a clean shutdown to our producer Unlimited
    • Lab 5.2 Solution Unlimited
    • Lab 5.3: Configuring Producer Durability Unlimited
    • Lab 5.3 Solution Unlimited
    • Lab 5.4: Kafka Metrics and Replication Verification Unlimited
    • Lab 5.4 Solution Unlimited
    • Lab 5.5: Kafka Batching Records Unlimited
    • Lab 5.5 Solution Unlimited
    • Lab 5.6: Kafka Retry, in-flight, request timeout, and retry backoff Unlimited
    • Lab 5.6 Solution Unlimited
    • Lab 5.7: Kafka Interceptor Unlimited
    • Lab 5.7 Solution Unlimited
    • Lab 5.8: Kafka Custom Partitioner Unlimited
    • Lab 5.8 Solution Unlimited
    • Lab 3: Kafka Consumers Basics Unlimited
    • Lab 3 Solution Unlimited
    • Consumer Programming Unlimited
    • Lab 6.1: Kafka Advanced Consumer Unlimited
    • Lab 6.1 Solution Unlimited
    • Lab 6.2: Stock Price Consumer Controlling Position Unlimited
    • Lab 6.2 Solution Unlimited
    • Lab 6.3: StockPriceConsumer At Most Once and At Least Once Unlimited
    • Lab 6.3 Solution Unlimited
    • Lab 6.4: StockPriceConsumer Exactly Once Consumer Messaging Semantics Unlimited
    • Lab 6.4 Solution Unlimited
    • Lab 6.5: Thread per Consumer Unlimited
    • Lab 6.5 Solution Unlimited
    • Lab 6.6: Consumer with many threads Unlimited
    • Lab 6.6 Solution Unlimited
    • Lab 6.7: Implementing a priority queue Unlimited
    • Lab 6.7 Solution Unlimited
    • Core Monitoring and Tuning Unlimited
    • Broker Monitoring and Tuning Unlimited
    • Producer Monitoring and Tuning Unlimited
    • Consumer Monitoring and Tuning Unlimited
    • Lab Protobuf: Schema Management Unlimited
    • Lab Protobuf Solution Unlimited
    • Protobuf and Schema Registry Unlimited
    • Lab Stream 1 Kafka Word Count Example Unlimited
    • Lab Stream 1 Solution Unlimited
    • Lab Stream 2 Custom Word Count Example Unlimited
    • Lab Stream 2 Solution Unlimited
    • Lab ksqlDB Quickstart: Kafka Connect Unlimited
    • Lab ksqlDB Quickstart Solution Unlimited
    • Lab: Mirror Maker Unlimited
    • Lab Mirror Maker Solution Unlimited
    • Lab: Exception & Spring Boot Unlimited
    • Lab Exception & Spring Boot Solution Unlimited
    • Lab: Kafka spring Unlimited
    • Lab Kafka spring Solution Unlimited

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