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Next Level Python for Data Science and /or Machine Learning covers the essentials of using Python as a tool for data scientists to perform exploratory data analysis, complex visualizations, and large-scale distributed processing on “Big Data”.

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March 5, 2021

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This course is approximately 50% hands-on, combining expert lecture, real-world demonstrations and group discussions with machine-based practical labs and exercises.In this course yiu will learn about:

· How to work with Python in a Data Science Context

· How to use NumPy, Pandas, and MatPlotLib

· How to create and process images with PIL

· How to visualize with Seaborn

· Key features of SciPy and Scikit Learn

· How to interact with Spark using DataFrames

How to use SparkSQL, MLib, and Streaming in Big Data

Course Curriculum

    • Python Review (Optional) 00:00:00
    • iPython 00:00:00
    • numpy 00:00:00
    • scipy 00:00:00
    • A tour of scipy subpackages 00:00:00
    • pandas 00:00:00
    • matplotlib 00:00:00
    • The Python Imaging Library (PIL) 00:00:00
    • seaborn 00:00:00
    • SciKit-Learn Machine Learning Essentials 00:00:00
    • TensorFlow Overview 00:00:00
    • PySpark Overview 00:00:00
    • RDDs and DataFrames 00:00:00
    • Spark SQL 00:00:00
    • (Optional): Spark MLib 00:00:00
    • (Optional) Spark Streaming 00:00:00

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