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Geared for experienced Tableau Users, Tableau Prep Building is a two-day hands-on course designed to provide you with the tools and knowledge of how to prepare and shape data in Tableau Prep.

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March 2, 2021

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This skills-focused course is approximately 50% hands-on, combining expert lecture, real-world demonstrations and group discussions with machine-based practical labs and exercises.  In this course you will learn about:

· Understand what data works best with Tableau Desktop and how to shape and clean it appropriately to get

· Learn how to maximize flexibility from Tableau Desktop.

· Learn how Tableau Prep folds into the analytic cycle, and when to prep data in Tableau Prep vs. Tableau Desktop.

· Understand the terminology used in Tableau Prep.

· Know how Tableau Prep approaches data sampling.

· Create and understand data prep flows that address common scenarios encountered in data preparation, as applied to common data use cases

· Know how to view data prepared in Tableau Prep using Tableau Desktop.

· Understand data exploration and validation in Tableau Prep and Tableau Desktop.

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