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In this course you will learn strategies that will change your way of thinking about problems (especially data problems), show you how to break unhelpful patterns, and find a creative solution to any existing or future problems.

Thinking outside of the box - this technique is based on understanding how your brain represents a problem/issue. It is important to understand that we are individuals and so the representations of the problem will vary. There is no right or wrong representation and that's what makes this technique different and successful - it is based on YOU. Once you understand how YOU represent the Problem and how YOU represent the Solution you will know how to perceive problems as new solutions. Please note this will take PRACTICE.

Workshop Objectives:
• Define creativity
• Differentiate between creativity and innovation
• Work toward achieving the benefits of creativity for business success
• Successfully build a creative team and work culture
• Learn techniques for effective brainstorming
• Identify the stages of the creative process
• Understand the barriers of creativity
• Use tools to help find your creative mind

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Creativity allows individuals to view every aspect on earth, explore new paths, and find new discoveries that help to advance our consistently thriving world of business. Without creativity, we would only see what is visible to the eye. To evolve as a business, it is critical to look beyond what is visible and consider new ideas. When creativity is incorporated into daily workplace practices, there is an increase in opportunity for growth, engagement, and productivity.  Creativity and innovation will turn ideas and dreams into reality. This course will provide you with informative tools and practical strategies that will help shape a creative workplace. Creativity plays a big role in building a positive work environment, in which employees will feel confident in expressing their ideas. Be mindful that there is creativity in all of us. When this creativity emerges, powerful opportunities and advancements will happen.

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