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Ernesto.Net Data Science Bootcamp

14 projects developed with real-life scenarios

Mentor for the duration of the training

Assistance to build your portfolio

Topics including exploratory data analysis, data story, statistics, machine learning, beginner to advanced concepts like deep learning and NLP (natural language processing).

Training for relevant software and approaches

Experience with programming on Python, Java, C++, R, descriptive statistics and probability theory

We also offer a Data Science Preparation course of approximately 4-6 weeks for beginners.

Fluent in English

Prerequisites for the bootcamp:

Knowledge You’ll Gain in Our Data Science Bootcamp

Our bootcamps are developed side-by-side industry insiders and experts to ensure that the skills and knowledge you accrue are directly applicable to your career.

Ernesto.Net Data Science Bootcamp | Best Data Science Training Program

Why Study Our Data Science Bootcamp?

Do you have a foundation knowledge of data science and are wondering what benefits studying our bootcamp will provide? When it comes to securing a position in the data science field, it’s important to have, not only technical abilities, but also project-based experience. Our bootcamp includes two major projects with real-life data science scenarios that will not only help you build your skills, but also prove to your future employers that you have the transferrable knowledge and experience.

Benefits of Our Data Science Training

Our bootcamps are all designed to be flexible to work around your current lifestyle with the goal of assisting you in obtaining a job or providing new and more opportunities in your current career.

Ernesto.Net Data Science Bootcamp | Best Data Science Training Program
Prerequisites - Ernesto.Net Data Analytics Training | Data Analytics Bootcamp


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