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Ernesto.AI SaaS

Welcome to the Future of Corporate Training

Ernesto.AI Accelerates the High-Tech Learning Process for Your Workforce

Despite the importance of IT today, organizations everywhere continue to rely on unproductive corporate training programs to teach their workforce. 

These programs are ineffective for three primary reasons:

  • Scrap learning – up to 45% of corporate content is virtually useless to normal business operations
  • Different learning methods – each employee has unique learning needs, meaning that stagnant training programs are not a “one-size-fits-all” solution
  • Low motivation – content that is either irrelevant, bland, or too challenging can quickly deteriorate motivation 

By combining online video training, instructor-led lessons, tailored assessments, and machine learning, Ernesto.AI is revolutionizing how corporations conduct IT training. 

Interested in maximizing the effectiveness of your workforce? Integrate Ernesto.AI into your corporate training program today! 

Personalized Learning. Proven Strategies.

Ernesto.AI focuses on addressing student learning gaps to streamline their path toward content mastery. By incorporating the same principles that high-achievers use to attain success, this AI-driven EdTech platform greatly enhances the learning process. Here’s how:

Adaptive Content

As learners take assessments, answer questions, and complete tasks, their responses are used to tailor future content. As a result, their unique needs are targeted and addressed. 

Mastery-Based Learning

Unlike traditional training programs that associate time with progress, Ernesto.AI requires learners to demonstrate content mastery by successfully completing assessments. As a result, they develop a deeper and more useful knowledge base. 

Proficiency Levels

By measuring learner confidence and engagement, Ernesto.AI gauges each learner’s proficiency level to further personalize the learning experience. 

Leading Instructors

To facilitate deeper learning and longer knowledge retention, Ernesto.AI is supported by leading technicians and instructors who are experts within their respective fields. 

Backed by Four Fundamental Theories

At the core of Ernesto.AI are four time-tested theories that support more effective learning. These include:

Metacognitive Theory 

More effective learning happens when students are aware of their knowledge gaps. That’s why Ernesto.AI uses learner confidence, accuracy, and time to build awareness.

The Theory of Deliberate Practice 

Training can be improved by tailoring practice toward weaknesses. In turn, Ernesto.AI delivers content focused on each learner’s shortcomings. 

The Theory of Fun for Game Design 

Learners who are challenged at the right level tend to stay more engaged. As a result, Ernesto.AI provides the ideal difficulty level for questions. 

The Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve 

The optimal time to commit a concept to long-term memory is just before it is forgotten. Ernesto.AI uses predictive data to reinforce concepts at the perfect moment. 

Ernesto.AI translates each theory into action through predictive modeling, modularized courses, and top-quality content. If you’re ready for a more robust corporate training program, get started with Ernesto.AI today. 

Ideal for Technical Training

As IT training becomes more advanced, having a dynamic, flexible, and scalable training program is key. Ernesto.AI is the ideal EdTech platform to teach Big Data, DevOps, programming, data science, and beyond. Additionally, Ernesto.AI is backed by blockchain technology for greater affordability, security, speed, and more. 

Getting Started with Ernesto.AI

Ernesto.AI is paving the way for a more efficient, knowledgeable, and effective workforce. With optimized content that’s perfectly catered to each student’s unique learning preferences, this versatile platform transforms both qualitative and quantitative information into actionable knowledge. As a result, organizations save critical personnel-hours that would have otherwise been spent on ineffective training. 


The future of corporate training has arrived. If you’re ready to gain an edge in increasingly competitive global markets, integrate Ernesto.AI into your organization today. 


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