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About Ernesto

About Ernesto Lee, CEO | Online Data Science Courses

Ernesto Lee

Data Scientist | Technologist | Futurist

Originally from Hampton, Virginia but a long time resident of the Miami and Fort Lauderdale region, Ernesto Lee is a founding member of Blockchain Training Alliance and the founder, owner, and CEO of Ernesto.net

With a Bachelor of Science in Physics from Old Dominion University, Master of Science in Systems Engineering from Virginia Tech, and prospective Doctorate in Information Systems from Nova Southeastern University, Ernesto’s passion for education is grounded in his own academic journey. As a firm believer in lifelong learning, he has always sought out opportunities to acquire new knowledge and grow. Through his entrepreneurial endeavors, he strives to accelerate the high-tech learning process for others as well.

A critically acclaimed thought leader in Blockchain and technology, Ernesto’s work as an author, course writer, and public speaker will continue to shape the future of high-tech training and education.

Research & Publications

An accomplished author, Ernesto has written numerous bestsellers including Kafka for Big Data Science (featured on NBC, ABC, PBS, and Fox). In addition to writing several Blockchain and Data Science courses, his publications include:

Apache Hadoop (as part of his Invent the Future series)
Apache Pig
Big Data for Analysts
Enterprise BlockChain Programming with HyperLedger Fabric and Composer
WebLogic 12c
WebSphere Application Server 9 with Liberty
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