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Why Do We Love Data Analytics?

I hate when I hear people say “Data Analytics teaches you to think”.

I know people mean well when they say that but it only makes sense to people who already believe that.  The issue that I have with that saying is, what activity doesn’t make you think?  You can play a game of Sudoko or play a video game… all of those things teach you to think.  It just feels like an empty platitude.

Data Analytics is different, and here’s why: it is a specific, powerful vocabulary for ideas.

Think of a cook who only knows the words “tasty” and “disgusting”.  What if he makes a meal that is just kind of “blah”…. How do you explain that to him?  The problem is that there is not a vocabulary to define that nuance.  We can’t say, it’s too bland and needs more seasoning OR my diabetes won’t allow me take that much salt.

Words are the main tools that define your thoughts and ideas and concepts. Your brain naturally analyzes data with extreme mathematical precision. Your common-sense understanding of data evolved over many thousands of years.  

What we call “Data Analytics” are just the patterns in the data that we haven’t yet discovered.

Our concept of data shapes our world.  If you don’t learn a vocabulary to express how to identify patterns in data then you will miss the richness in business and nature.

Here is the essence of why we learn data analytics:

“Your Data Vocabulary Shapes What You Are Capable of Thinking of”

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August 7, 2021
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