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What Makes Us Unique

Multiple Channels

Our micro and macro learning framework is available on multiple platforms: Roku, AppleTV, Amazon FireTV, Android, iOS, Windows & mac.

Role based Training

Training and Apps that use AI to adapt based on the user. One App for instructors, students, administrators and other roles BUT each interface unique to the user.

Offline & Super Fast

Either in Instructor Led Training or Video Based Training, save content offline, and do labs blazing fast. Ernesto.Net is a cloud solution that runs without the internet.

Learning Experience Platform

Learning Experience features for Students and Learners
Custom Learning Paths

Custom Learning programs & plans based on activities and project objectives. We offer reward points, custom paths for students.


Inbuilt gamification options. An AI powered gamification module keeps learners motivated.


Instructor led training, Video based training, and a hybrid on a single platform.

Ernesto.Net Features | Learning Experience (LXP) & Management Platform
Book Master Instructors

For ILT courses, our instructor calendar is available for registered customers.


We support: Zoom , BigBlueButton, Jitsi and Microsoft meet integration.

Badges & Certificates

Badges and certificates with code generation and validation of certificate via the blockchain is available.

Learning Management

Instructors and Content Creators

Course Creation

It is easy to create courses on the platform because it was built especially for non-technical instructors.

Manage Students

Directly assign students to Courses, quizzes and modules. Import in bulk and auto-generate accounts.

Activity Tracking

Track the activity of learners and constantly feed that back into the model to encourage positive engagement. From last login to time spent on courses to time spent completing exercises, to time spent answering and asking questions and activity graphs.

Evaluation & Remarks

Auto-evaluate, manual evaluations, re-evaluations of courses, quizzes, and hands on labs with feedback from the instructor.

Reports Generator

Custom reports builder with detailed Course, Quiz, Student reports. Download and schedule reports.

Question Bank

Unlimited question types, bulk import questions into the questions bank. Categorise questions into tags.

Marketing & Sales

Better marketing tools and sales using inbuilt features
Sell Course & Bundles

Sell courses individually or in bundles. Sell courses as one time or as a subscription plan.

Variations Sales

Differential pricing plans for courses Monthly, Yearly, with Certificate, badge, retakes and more options.

Membership plans

Sell courses under membership plans. Create membership plans to get access to all courses in site.

Corporate Plans

Enable corporate to buy an entire group with seats in courses. Access to admin and reports for group.

Extend and Integrate with third party services

Create and maintain calendars. Create events, recurring events, combine with conferences and more.


Live agents that are powered by rest API on react. Live Agents, Canned responses, SLA, Private replies and more.


Drag and drop based project management with lists and calendar integration.

Knowledge Base

Create wiki and unlimited article base. Collaborate with other users. Global search and categories.


Create a multi-author blogging platform. Enable users to create and post blogs in your site with nested commenting.


Create video conferences with Zoom, Jitsi or BigBluebutton.Unlimited meetings for all.


Allow users to create and share files across users. Integrate with GDrive, DropBox & OneBox.

Extend and Integrate with third party services


Realtime communication, Social logins, Push notifications and background sync.


Powers SMS notifications, Whats App notifications, whiteboard and realtime conferencing.


Integrates with the most powerful Affiliate system for WordPress. With mass payout and commision grpahs.


Points & rewards. Universal solution for gamification of Courses across all of WordPress.


Integrate with your CRM and other solutions. Integration with custom workflows across apps.

Mailchimp, Aweber +

Integrate with email marketing solutions. Automatically manage lists for courses, members & more.

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