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FeNAgO Provides a Ready-Made Lab Environment Directly From Your Browser

By applying high-level IT lessons in a practical setting, students are in a better position to learn complex skills and concepts.

FeNAgO Labs | Programming Environment for High-Level IT Lessons

focusing on only one programming language with little to no flexibility


requiring lengthy downloads, configurations, and set-ups before users can get started


existing on only one local device without the ability to access,share,or embed environment from anywhere

FeNAgO Cloud Lab Environment
By providing a cloud-supported lab environment featuring over 70 major programming languages, FeNAgO is accelerating the learning process for high-level IT users everywhere.
Are you ready to put your technical lessons into action? Start using FeNAgO today for a hands-on training experience.

Instant Access, Without the Hassle

Accessible directly via your browser, FeNAgO brings a new frontier of possibilities to the high-tech learning space. Here’s how:
Shareable Content

With live embeds, FeNAgO empowers users to instantly share their concepts or environments. Looking for feedback from fellow programmers? Share an isolated portion of your project. Want to turn your creation into a web page? Host it yourself and bring the environment to life. The possibilities are endless.

Cloud-Based Access

Access your workspace from anywhere, integrating custom themes, plugins, and more. With 500MB of free memory, 100MB of storage, and uncompromising security, you can code with newfound confidence. Additional memory and storage is easily accessible by upgrading.

Pre-Made Templates

Expedite the coding process by starting with a template. From there, just add your lab files and begin the process. FeNAgO’s versatile platform allows instructors to create new lab environments too, providing greater flexibility than conventional environments.

Heightened Learning

With support for Python, HTML, Javascript, C++, and beyond, FeNAgO is the optimal programming environment to learn and retain high-level IT lessons. By translating lectures and tutorials into actual output, students can solidify difficult concepts in an actionable capacity.

Say ‘hello’ to the next generation of lab environments. With support for macOS, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, and beyond, FeNAgO is ready when you are! As a result, you can ensure that lessons aren’t confined to the classroom.
Are you ready to define your edge, stand out in increasingly competitive tech markets, and challenge your skills in a real-world setting? Unlock new possibilities today with FeNAgO.