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Why Learning Analytics Benefit Your eLearning Business

At Ernesto.Net, learning pathways and algorithms form the basis of our learning analytics. They are becoming increasingly important in today’s learning environments as individual learning behaviors are changing and require customized and personalized approaches. If you are interested in learning more about why learning analytics will benefit your eLearning business, please keep reading.

Benefits of Learning Analytics for your eLearning Business | Ernesto.Net
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What are Learning Analytics?

Learning analytics provide insights into each individual learner’s needs and strengths from which we can measure, collect, analyze and report on the optimal learning pathway for that learner and ultimately predict the best course of action for their educational future.

How to Best Utilize Learning Analytics as an eLearning Business

To ensure that eLearning platforms are as engaging as possible, it is important to take into account each user’s engagement rate and desired experience. By having an understanding of and analyzing the learner’s performance, skill level and personal interests, you will be able to create courses with content that is effective at, not only capturing the interest of learners, but also keeping them engaged to complete the courses and refer them onto others to aid in your business growth. Learning analytics will provide you with the analysis and predictions of which learning courses are best suited for learners to ensure they derive maximum benefit from your services.

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eLearning Design and Development

By having your developers create your eLearning platform, and experts create the subsequent courses utilizing learning analytics, you will ultimately create courses and resources that are based on the behaviors of your learners. When learners are catered to and remain engaged and complete the courses, they will acquire the knowledge that they need to become successful in their chosen field. This will lead to an improved experience with your platform and a better outcome overall.

Anticipated Performance

Learning analytics use data on the learner’s past learning methods, statistics and other insight that you’ve captured to create a pathway specifically designed for their learning ability and performance. This process aids in the creation of the courses themselves as course writers and trainers understand their users better. Therefore, you will be able to predict whether you need to provide learners with additional resources along with your courses to ensure they are making the required progress.

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Personalized Learning

With insight on the learner’s engagement and performance, you can customize and personalize the courses and learning pathway further so that each individual learner gets the most out of your eLearning courses. Understanding each learner’s preferred learning method, including written form, videos, tests after each module, visual components and the like will assist you in tailoring your offering.

Efficient Learning Pathways

Understanding the types of knowledge that learners want to acquire and the resulting courses that need to be created will ensure efficiency in your eLearning business. By creating courses that are popular and assist your learners in acquiring their desired result, whether that be learning about a new field or deepening their understanding for their current career, you will be able to reduce your cost by not developing and designing eLearning courses that don’t provide value. All of the time, effort and money spent on creating courses, marketing, videos and related graphics will directly benefit your offering and therefore your profits.

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Final Thoughts

Learning analytics provide eLearning businesses with the ability to provide the most efficient and beneficial pathways to the desired learning outcomes. By developing and designing courses that are sought-after and provide results, your efforts will positively influence your business’ success. If you are looking for a partner to help you implement learning pathways and learning analytics into your eLearning business, please get in contact with the team at Ernesto.Net, we look forward to helping you integrate artificial intelligence into your business to improve your services and profitability.

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