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Professor Ernesto Lee - Data Scientist | For Media Enquiries Call Now!

Ernesto Lee

As a veteran technology executive and a recognized Blockchain expert, Ernesto is a much sought-after media commentator in the United States and around the globe.

Ernesto’s education via Old Dominion University, Virginia Tech, and Nova Southeastern University (among other institutions) ensures he is an engaging and knowledgeable media commentator.

Ernesto’s career in business has seen him work in a diverse variety of roles and achieve a
compelling record for consistent success that has seen him emerge today as one of America’s
most exciting thought leaders and spokespersons for the emerging tech industry.

At his core, Ernesto is not only a skilled professional and the former CTO of Blockchain Training
Alliance and current Computer Science Professor at Broward College, but a passionate
advocate for the promise and opportunities that reside ahead with the greater growth of
automation, data science, machine learning, and deep learning.

This in tandem with his warm courtesy and strong interpersonal skills always ensures that his
media appearance are easy and seamless.

Ernesto is always pleased to consider a media appearance, and is available for:

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All media enquiries for Ernesto can be made via Email is: media@ernesto.net or
by calling 954-667-9477 if pursuing an urgent deadline.

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