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Why Choose Ernesto.Net For Your Data Science Training?

Ernesto.Net is revolutionizing how corporations conduct IT training. We combine online video training, instructor-led lessons, tailored assessments and machine learning, with our Data Science Training led by industry experts. Using patent-pending learning technologies, the machine learning models adapt the learning content according to your learning needs, based on your responses to assessments, questions, tasks, and experiences. Studying at Ernesto.Net will challenge, inspire you and assist in your career growth.

Our Training Style

Are you able to explain the technical descriptions in your own words?

Do you have the ability to solve a problem while explaining the process in your own words?

Do you understand the concepts well enough to create a diagrammatic representation of how they are interconnected?

Can you relate the concept to your prior knowledge?

Then from this point, we add details and examples to test your knowledge and iterate once we know the progress.
The reason why we use this training style is that most people forget 95% of what they learn in class after a period of time, however by creating and understanding analogies and diagrams, your brain is more likely to recall the concepts and information that you learned. We recommend also incorporating what works for you and creating your own references for the best learning results.

Training Yourself (you never make it to the flower)

Corporate IT Training / Academic Education

Ernesto.Net Training

The Goal

At Ernesto.Net, our goal is to provide you with training that is beneficial in your education and ultimately your career, that’s why we ensure our techniques actually work to help you go from an abstract concept to a deep and detailed understanding of the topics we cover. If you’re anything like us, you require more than just straight facts and data to internalize new concepts. We also encourage our students to find what works best for you and to take charge of your own learning styles.

In our classes you can expect a 50/50 Lecture Lab. We also pride ourselves on having an empathetic style of teaching. We like to use our natural style, provide insight into our own experiences and anticipate the questions you would have and knowledge you desire to learn to deliver this to you upfront. In saying this, we also always read the room and optimize our teaching style for our students, so you get the best results.

ADEPT Method

In all of our Ernesto.Net courses, you will learn the ADEPT method of teaching which involves Analogies, Diagrams, Examples, Plain English and Technology, modified from the original methodology by Kalid Azar.

Analogy: What Else Is It Like?

Diagram: Engage That Half Of Your Brain

Example: Let Me Experience The Idea

Plain-English Description: Use Your Own Words

Technical Description: Learn The Formalities

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